Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New body for the FK1

The FK1, as it's being called now, received a new body this week.  Parts were obtained from TAP Plastics in San Rafael, CA, and assembled.  Overall I think it looks very good so far.

Apologies for the image quality - cell phone cameras and all...

FK1 Front Panel Assembled.  Napoleon Dynamite Approves.

 FKI Rear View

 FK1 Front Panel w/ Kindle & Cover

Everything is a learning process.  I'm keeping a list of things to alter/upgrade/change when the FK2 is finally built, and that list keeps growing.  So far it's a secret though, so keep checking back for progress updates!  :)

The next step on the FK1 will be the actual brain transplant.  The control board will be mounted on the large flat area in the rear of the unit and wired to all six control buttons.  The ribbon cable will be routed around the side, and that should do it! 

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