Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's a girl!

I just wanted to stop by and explain the painful lack of updates recently. 

Short version: it's my wife's fault.  :)

We're expecting a baby, and have been seeing doctors and attending all sorts of classes to prepare for having our lives turned upside down in a little over a month.  Zoey Kristina is set to arrive September 17th, so you can imagine that the past few months have messed with my normal schedule a bit.  As those of you with kids know, this disruption is likely to only get more pronounced in the coming months when she gets here. 

I am still working on the Frankenkindle, albeit sporadically.  I wire-wrapped the whole circuit onto a perfboard, tore it apart and rewired it all over again, then mounted everything onto a hastily constructed stand.  At this point all the pieces are in place, I just need to squash a few small bugs in my code and triple-check the board's wiring.  It shouldn't be long now until I have a working demo to show you.

So, thank you for continuing to follow this project.  I assure you it's not dead, just don't expect updates as often as before.

See you soon!

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