Monday, April 18, 2011


I have not yet begun to void your warranties, BestBuy!

I thought my warranty shredding activities would be limited to popping off the rear case and tapping into the keypad's signal connectors.  Nope, it turns out the actual Kindle operating system needs a good dose of warranty-voiding hacks as well.  Fortunately the Great and Powerful Internet (henceforth known as the "GPI") came through once again.  Thanks to the aforementioned hacks (jailbreak, launchpad), I have successfully created hotkey sequences to allow the user to turn individual pages from the main keypad. 

The simple keystroke combination Shift + Right and Shift + Left (that's the left and right keys on the 5-way) will now allow the user to turn individual pages.  Interestingly enough, pressing the Right and Left buttons without first pressing shift retains their original function: jumping between chapters.

This is a huge success.  Proper documentation will follow in a later post, when I'm properly rested and have a chance to produce some decent pictures and maybe a demo video.  For now, it looks like the biggest hurdle so far has been overcome.

Thanks for reading!

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